Saint Adalbert Church, Elizabeth, NJ


Scope of work:

  • Ornamental Plaster Repair
  • Decorative Painting Repair
  • Fresco Painting Repair

This was a multi-year project that involved the repair of heavily water damaged plaster found throughout various sections of the church. We fully restored the damaged areas. This included matching the original colors of the church along with careful restoration of the mural paintings.

Scope of work includes ornamental plaster repair, decorative painting repair, repair/cleaning of existing scagliola column & mural painting repair. Work was completed using scaffolding. Restoration debris and daily cleaning was done by Sumberac Plastering & Painting. The Church was also kept open for daily services during restoration.

Small side altar was completely refinished using gilding techniques and marmorino plaster, a historic century-old plastering material based on seasoned slaked lime, marble dust and pigments. This material was extensively used by Andrea Palladio, one of the world's greatest architects. The colors of the marmorino were tinted to match, as closely as possible, the colors of the existing scagliola plaster columns in the church. Multiple colors of marmorino were used.