Saint Aedan Church, Jersey City, NJ


Scope of work:

  • Plaster Restoration
  • Paint Restoration
  • Art Restoration

Saint Aedan Church – NJ Landmark church, one of the tallest domed church in New Jersey (Dome is 100 feet tall).

The project was completed within a limited budget and limited project conditions. The work was done while church services were being held on a daily basis. Every Friday the scaffolding towers were dismantled for weekend services, funerals and weddings. On Mondays the scaffolding towers were erected again for work. The church was cleaned and left presentable every day.

Removal of deteriorated painted canvas and wallpaper all around the church dome and plaster restoration of damaged plaster behind the canvas. Plaster restoration of heavy water damages throughout the dome and its artwork.





Photo: M. Hillringhouse