Our Lady of Grace, Hoboken, NJ

New Jersey Landmark, Historic Church Building


Scope of work:

  • Complete Plastering and Painting
  • Complete Ornamental Plastering Restoration
  • Complete Artwork Restoration

Our Lady of Grace, listed on National Register of Historic Places, is considered to be one of the oldest Roman Catholic parishes in the US and is an internationally recognized religious building. The church is also featured in the Academy Award winning classic, On the Waterfront featuring Marlon Brando and directed by Elia Kazan.

One of the largest cathedral sized churches of New Jersey, OLG required a massive plaster and paint restoration that lasted several years. The extreme plaster spalling and paint peeling was found throughout the entire church building. Over the course of the job, Sumberac Plastering & Painting removed thousands of pounds of damaged plaster and paint. When we initially arrived on the worksite dangling plaster and paint could be seen hanging from the ceilings and walls. These pieces of debris would literally fall to the seating area below on a daily basis.

The job was completed in multiple phases. Plaster and paint removal, plaster stabilization and finally the finishing phase. Work was done section by section.

In order to keep the parish open for service throughout this massive restoration Sumberac Plastering & Painting undertook the huge task of cleaning the church daily. This kept the church in a respectful and presentable condition for daily services and special ceremonies. These included weekly masses, funerals, baptisms and weddings.