Sumberac Plastering and Painting, LLC specializes in the restoration and renovation of churches and historical buildings (plastering, painting and decorative painting) as well as new construction (new plastering and painting) and residential homes.

Specializing in:
Plaster Restoration – Plain and Ornamental
Plaster Reconstruction
Gypsum Plaster – Lime Plaster, Hydraulic Lime and Hydrated Lime
Traditional Plaster – Three Coat Plaster
Gauging Plaster and Slaked Lime (lime putty) Veneer Diamond Plaster – White Coat Plaster
Scagliola Restoration
Plastering of Cupolas and Domes

Specializing in Handcrafted Historical Finishes:
Venetian Lime Plaster – Grassello Di Calce
Marmorino Plaster – Coarse and fine. Interior & exterior, Marmorino Bianco
Fresco Plaster – Intonaco
Stucco Veneziano – Stucco Antico
Metallic Pigmented Plaster
Low Relief Plastering – Basso Relievo